Car finance from I&M Bank Kenya

Asset finance keeps your cash in your pocket

Buying your car import with asset finance allows you to keep your cash in your pocket, where you need it, so you can buy your dream car and keep financially flexible at the same time.

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New customers can apply

To apply for finance you don’t need to be a customer with I&M Bank. They are very happy to welcome new customers who wish to apply for finance for Japanese car imports.

Additional security not required.

You only need your deposit to buy your car from Japan. You do not need to also additional security such as your property or savings as collateral.

One clear import price.

You can be confident that your import price includes all costs to import your car to Nairobi.

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First class personal service

We work closely alongside I&M's team to make it easy to apply for your loan. Once approved we take care of all the details to import your car with the greatest care and keep you updated throughout. In Nairobi your will receive your car personally from our team who will familiarise you with your car before you take your first drive.

Get car finance with I&M Bank Kenya

Import your car with asset finance in six easy steps.

Importing your car with finance is done in six simple stages. Our highly experienced team manage your car's import through each step, all the way to your personal handover in Nairobi.

how to import you car with IM Bank asset finance

Manageable monthly repayments

Examples of monthly repayments are below. Our team will help you to better understand how little your repayments could be.

Manageable monthly repayments for car import finance

Get I&M Bank finance to import your Japanese car.