Import quality Japanese cars to Kenya with our professional car import service. Our experienced team will source your perfect Japanese car and import it to you with ease. Finance available.

Import new and used Japanese cars to Kenya

Buy quality Japanese cars for Kenya

Our team are specialists in finding Japanese import cars for Kenya. They will help you find our perfect Japanese car to import and take care of the purchase for you. We buy from auction and wholesale to find you the best cars at the best prices in Japan.

Import Japanese cars to Kenya

Choose from three levels of import service:

* C&F to Mombasa

* Cleared and registered in Mombasa

* Delivered to Nairobi.

Choose your perfect import service by talking to our team. They will be happy to tailor your service to your needs.

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Car Finance for Japanese Car Imports

Car finance in Kenya for Japanese import cars

Our unique partnerships with NCBA Bank, Stanbic Bank and I&M Bank allow you buy your car from Japan with an asset finance loan.

* Pay just a 20% deposit to secure your car

* Spread the cost of your car import up to 60 months

* Keeps you cash in your bank and your finances flexible

Our Team in Kenya

Our experienced Kenyan team help every step of the way. You can talk to our team in the UK or Kenya to help you choose and purchase your car and assist with your asset finance application.

Professionally Imported Japan to Kenya

We take the greatest care when we ship our cars. They are always loaded below deck for optimum safety.

Marine Insurance: you are fully covered for the value of your car with a local Kenyan insurer.

Clearing and Registration in Mombasa

Our Kenyan team manage your clearing and registration process seamlessly for you.

Team in Kenya
Car buffing prep

Exceptional Japanese car import services

Your car will have an oil service on arrival in Nairobi.

Bodywork reconditioning available on request.

3 Month Warranty

Cars bought with finance automatically have a 3-month warranty to get you on the road with confidence.

Courier of your paperwork & loose items

We will send all documentation and loose items to you or your nominated clearing agent when your car is in transit from Japan to Mombasa. Details below.

Your Personal Handover

Our personal handover in Nairobi ensures you are delighted with your car and familiar with the key controls and functions available from day 1.

Japanese Car Import Services in Detail:

C&F Mombasa Import Service

Keep your import costs low with our simplest import service. Ideal for the experienced car importer.  The C&F import service includes:

* The purchase of your car.

* The transport to the port in Japan.

* The QISJ inspection.

* The cost of shipping your car from Japan to Mombasa.

* Courier of key documents and loose items to you.

Cleared and Registered in Mombasa

Perfect if you would like us to clear your car through customs and register it for you when it arrives in Mombasa. The standard features of the service include:

* The purchase of your car.

* The transport to the port in Japan.

* The QISJ inspection.

* The cost of shipping your car from Japan to Mombasa.

* Marine insurance.

* Port charges, clearing & registration costs.

* Courier of key documents and loose items to our team in Kenya.

Optional Extras for cars delivered to Mombasa

Tailor your import service to perfection with these optional extras:

* Delivery to Nairobi on a transporter.

* Tracker fitting with 4 years pre-paid.

* Kenya bank finance.

Delivered to Nairobi

This package offers one fixed price to give you complete confidence of a stress-free import and protection against unforeseen costs.

Simply choose your perfect car from Japan and sit back and let us take care of everything. Your delivered to Nairobi service includes:

* Delivery to Nairobi.

* All CIF costs including marine and transport insurance to Nairobi.

* 3-month warranty from date of hand over.

* A minimum of 3-4 mm of tread on the tyres.

* Service and buff prior to hand over in Nairobi.

* All cars supplied with mats.

* Spare key.

* Courier of key documents and loose items to our team in Kenya.

Optional Extras for cars delivered to Nairobi

Tailor your import service to perfection with these optional extras for cars delivered to Nairobi:

* Optional window tinting and accessories

* Stereo system re-tuned to Kenya bandwidth.

* Special number plate number.

* Bank finance with NCBA Bank Kenya, Stanbic Bank Kenya and I&M Bank Kenya.

Courier of your key documents

Once your car has left Japan we courier the following items for safe keeping:

Japanese export certificate

Bill of Lading

Service history Locking wheel nut

QISJ certificate

Spare key

You will receive these when you receive your car.

How long does it take to import cars from Japan to Kenya?

Importing a Japanese car to Kenya takes around 41 days from the day it is bought to arrival in Mombasa port. The typical timings for each stage are as follows:

Car Import Timings Japan To Kenya

Day 1-12 : De-registration commences, shipping booked, QISJ inspection, delivered to port.

Days 13-15 : Packed & loaded onto vessel

Days 16-41 : Shipped to Mombasa

How long does it take to import cars from Japan to Nairobi?

Cars imported from Japan will take 65 days from the day you deposit on your car to your handover day.

Car Import Timings Japan To Nairobi

The key stages for a car import break down as follows:

Days 1 - 11: De-registration commences, shipping booked, QISJ inspection, delivered to port.

Days 12 - 15: Packed and loaded onto the vessel.

Days 16 - 41: Shipped to Mombasa

Days 42 - 57: Register entry to Kenya, Transfer to CFS, Duty payment & entry passed, radiation certification, Registration & number plates.

Days 58 - 64: Transported to Nairobi, repairs to minor scuffs if required, mini service and buff.

Day 65: Personal handover.

Japanese Car Import FAQs

Should I Export A Car From Japan Or The UK?

Exporting a car from Japan, the UK or Australia will be influenced by the make, model and engine size you want. Japanese cars are typically a lower specification and usually have petrol engines. Their entry level models are usually a lower specification than the UK which often makes them cheaper too. Be aware that the controls and radio might have some limitations.

The Uk is a good source of higher specification cars with larger engines. Until recently these were mostly diesel engines but this is quickly moving back to petrol and into a wide variety of electric engines and hybrid engines.

For more information watch our Japanese car vs UK car case study or watch the UK car export vs Japanese car export video or get in touch with the team and they'll be happy to advise you.

How Long Does It Take To Import a Car From Japan To Kenya?

Shipping a Japanese car to Kenya takes around 25-28 days from the Japanese port to Mombasa. But there are a number of steps which must happen before and after the shipping journey to complete a car's import to Kenya. Prior to export, the car must be de-registered and pass its QISJ inspection. This takes about 2 weeks. It is then transported to the port and loaded onto the vessel. This can be slowed a little depending on which Japanese island the car originated from. Onwards transport to Nairobi can be done in a further 7-14 days depending on the scheduling of the car transporters. For more details read our blog on how long it takes to import a Japanese car to Kenya or watch the quick video for the Japanese car import timings to Kenya.

How Much Does It Cost To Export A Japanese Car To Kenya?

In addition to the cost of your car, you should allow for transport, QISJ inspection, shipping to Mombasa, Marine insurance, sourcing agent fees, clearing costs including port charges, your clearing agent, excise import duty, VAT, levies, registration fees and transport to Nairobi. Watch our short video for more information about how much it costs to import Japanese cars to Kenya.

How Much Import Duty Will I Need To Pay?

Our KRA car duty calculator explains how car duty is calculated in Kenya. Use the prestige car duty calculator to generate an accurate estimate of the import duty payable for your car export.

What Is QISJ?

Quality Inspection Services Japan (QISJ) are the vehicle inspection company contracted by KEBS to carry out pre-shipment inspections for vehicles being exported to Kenya from countries such as Japan. They carry out the mandatory roadworthiness inspection prior to export. Our QISJ inspection page explains how this works and how much it costs.

How Do Payments Work For Japanese Cars Exported To Kenya?

The simplest way to import a car to Kenya is to do this C&F. You just pay the agreed deposit to secure your car and the balance payment is due 7-10 afterwards.

How Do Payments Work For Japanese Cars Delivered To Nairobi? (DDP)

Cars being exported from Japan to Nairobi are similar to C&F purchases. The deposit is paid to secure your car and the balance us due with 7-10 days and prior to shipping from Japan.

How Do Payments Work For Japanese Car Exports Using Asset Finance?

Payments for cars imported to Kenya with asset finance are quite straight forward. We require a minimum 20% deposit to secure your car and then loan payments start 1 month after receiving your car in Nairobi. This video on payments for car imports explains the details.

How Do Payments Work for a Japanese Auction Car?

For cars being bought at auction, we need a 10% holding deposit in order to bid on the car. (This is fully refundable if the car isn’t won.)

* C&F purchases need the balance payment within 7-10 days.

* Cars which are going to be cleared and delivered to Nairobi need a 60% payment within 7-10 days of winning the auction so we can export the car from Japan. The 30% balance payments is due as the car reaches Mombasa.

* Cars bought with asset finance need a top up payment to the agreed deposit level within 7-10 days of the car being won at auction. (So a minimum 10% is needed if you agreed to pay 20%). The loan payments then become due one month after you have collected your car.

How Do I Get Asset Finance For My Japanese Car Import?

Asset finance for an export car is easier than you think. Choose your perfect car with our team and choose finance from NCBA, Stanbic Bank or I&M Bank. We manage your car import from buying, shipping and importing your car to Mombasa and onto Nairobi. Our asset finance video explains how the process works in more detail.

Can I Import My Car From Japan To Kenya Duty Free?

If you are eligible for duty free car imports for Kenya, we are glad to help. Duty free status usually applied to diplomats, ex-pats and returning residents. Take a look at our duty free car imports page for the specifics on how importing cars duty free works.

Can I Buy From the UK And Import My Car To Kenya?

We export many UK cars to Kenya every month. These are bought from dealers and trade contacts across the UK. Please take a look at our UK car export website featuring the VAT qualifying UK cars for sale. Or get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Import Japanese cars for Kenya with the Japanese car import specialists