Buy and import exceptional quality Japanese cars to Zambia. We source the best Japanese cars, negotiate the best prices and export them with the greatest care to Zambia. Buy your Japanese car from auction or wholesale. Our agent in Zambia can assist with clearing, registration and deliver your car to your door. Importing a Japanese car is simple and straightforward. Talk to the team today to find out more.

Japanese car sourcing & import specialists

Our expert buying team has been sourcing and exporting exceptional quality cars worldwide for over 12 years. We search the wholesale market to find you the best selection of new and used Japanese cars available. We advise on the best countries to buy different models and specs. In particular for the Land Cruiser supply from Japan and Australia to provide you with the best options and prices globally.

Mercedes headlight and grille
Mercedes interior

Highest quality Japanese cars

When buying used Japanese cars, we will only buy cars rated as Grade 4 and above. You can be confident your car will be of the highest quality throughout.

Mileage verified; Mileage is independently verified before buying.

Attractive import duties to Zambia

Benefit from the very attractive import duties for luxury car imports. 2018+ prestige cars currently have attractive import duties capped at just $5,000.

customs duty savings
Customs declaration

Clearing & registration assistance

Our local clearing agent will help you clear and register your car if you would like them to.

Convenient safe payment

We accept international payment in US Dollars.

Safe Transactions
Professionally shipped

Professionally shipped from Japan to Zambia

We ship most cars C&F to Dar es Salaam and Durban, but all major ports are possible. Container shipping and Roro shipping options are available.

Delivered to your door

Take advantage of our local agents and let them deliver your car to you.

Delivered to your door
Signing for documents

Courier of your paperwork & loose items

We courier all documentation and loose items to you or your nominated clearing agent when your car is in transit from Japan to Zambia. Details below.

How to import a car from Japan to Zambia?

Importing a car from Japan to Zambia is done in five steps. From purchase to collection, our team will take care of each step for you to make importing your car simple and straightforward.

Import a car from Japan to Zambia in five steps

How long does it take to import from Japan to Zambia?

Importing Japanese cars to Zambia takes 65 days from placing your deposit to receiving your car.

Japanese car import timings to Zambia

Days 1 - 11 De-registration commences, Shipping booked and delivered to the port.

Days 12 - 15 Packed and loaded into the vessel

Days 16 - 46 Shipped to Dar es Salaam or Durban

Days 47 - 65 Clearing and registration and transported to Lusaka.

Japanese car import services in detail

C&F import service to Zambia

Our C&F import service to Zambia is ideal to help you keep your importing costs as low as possible.

The C&F import service includes:

The purchase of your car.

Collection and delivery to the port in Japan.

The Jevic inspection.

Shipping costs from Japan to your preferred port.

Courier of key documents and loose items to you or your clearing agent.

Cleared and registered in Zambia

This service is perfect if you would like us to clear and register your car when it arrives in Zambia.

This service includes:

The purchase of your car.

Transport to the port in Japan.

The Jevic inspection.

The cost of shipping your car from Japan to your preferred port.

Marine Insurance.

Port charges, clearing and registration costs.

Courier of key documents and loose items to your clearing agent.

Courier of documents and loose items

Once your car has left Japan we courier the following items for safe keeping:

Japanese export certificate

Service history

Bill of lading

Locking wheel nut

Your spare key

High value loose items such as the spare key, headphones, remote control.

You will receive these when you receive your car.

Import Japanese cars to Zambia with the car import experts