Nissan Elgrand: Bigger Is Better

Nissan Elgrand

In recent years the family-sized minivan, or multi-purpose vehicle, has fallen out of favour thanks to the rise of the SUV. Nevertheless car makers have held faith with the model type and continue to make some really rather good people carriers. The distinctive Nissan Elgrand is one such and is the epitome of the premium minivan; only bigger.

Nissan Elgrand RHS Front

Big Is Better

This seems to be the case as contented buyers have dubbed this car the ‘King of Minivans’. It’s easy to see why: The Elgrand imparts a strong luxury presence and welcoming sense of comfort for driver and passengers alike. The interior offers a number of features designed specifically for passenger comfort, including unique, multi-function, configurable, high quality seats, in five or seven seat configurations. It is very roomy and yet the apparently daunting dimensions belie what is a very normal car-like driving experience.

The low and wide body proportions emphasize the Elgrand's stability, with dynamic lines flowing from the front and leading all the way down the sides, highlighting its powerful profile. Sliding doors make getting in and out of the rear seats simple and convenient.

The Power

The luxury Nissan Elgrand is equipped with a choice of engines, regionally dependent. For example, the 3.5L engine is tuned, with a maximum output of 276bhp and a maximum torque delivery of 344Nm; more than enough to provide an exhilarating driving experience and real pulling power. Two and four-wheel drive are available, depending upon model. Another interesting and useful feature is the Eco-Drive Assist System, which aids fuel-efficient driving through a number of methods, including coordinating the functions of the transmission and navigation system.

The 2.5L Elgrand offers responsive acceleration from low speeds, and high torque giving the vehicle a quick, strong driving feel thanks to 167bhp. Both engines drive through a refined Xtronic automatic transmission boasting significantly improved fuel economy and powerful performance. Its wide gear range helps achieve excellent fuel mileage. Furthermore, the driver's driving and acceleration control is automatically detected by the Adaptive Shift Control system to provide optimized driving conditions, combining superior driving performance, smooth acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Nissan Elgrand Rear
Nissan Elgrand Third Row Seats

The Ride

The Elgrand rides on a specifically designed platform giving it a low centre of gravity, comfortable seating for seven adults and ride comfort comparable to traditional saloons. The combination of high-performance steering and rigid shock absorbers provide outstanding straight-line stability while the low centre of gravity, along with 4-wheel rebound-spring shock absorbers, provide complete control and stability during steering and cornering.

This big minivan accommodates not only the latest in infotainment but also the very latest in automotive technology with twin sun-roofs and even a ‘Private Theatre System’ with surround sound and of course all the safety equipment and driving aids with which we have become accustomed. Some models feature a ‘surround-view’ parking feature enabling easy access to garages or when parallel parking.

Imports from Japan have the benefit of being right-hand drive and with a four-wheel drive option this big car is ideal for both town and country. The Nissan Elgrand is probably the best minivan available today. Ask us for details.

Nissan Elgrand Front Cabin

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