The current model MINI comes, courtesy of BMW, in many guises. Buyers can have petrol or diesel power, three or five doors and varying degrees of performance from standard to very high. In this test MHH is looking at the regular Mini Cooper D, which means it comes with a frugal and efficient diesel engine. If you think diesel-powered cars can’t be fun; think again.

Under the auspices of the German brand BMW the latest variants of the Mini Cooper still deliver on personality and style, retaining some elements of the legend of old. It is a prestige car that can be parked easily thanks to its compact dimensions.

Crucially, the Mini Cooper D ticks the emissions box with a low 92g/km and the economy box with a combined official figure of up to 80.7mpg, provided it is driven with economy in mind. The test car had a six-speed manual gearbox (Automatic is also available) and proved to be really good to drive with 62mph coming up in under ten seconds.

Mini Cooper D,
Mini Cooper D Side

Constantly Improved

The Mini is a car that keeps on getting better and this is no doubt largely due to parent company BMW’s technology and the fact that it is built around a new wheelbase which means the Mini is getting bigger than ever. Some versions are like small SUV-style vehicles but the Cooper D as tested retains the more reasonable dimensions. There is even a convertible available. Certainly, a Cooper S will be more exciting but in these days of traffic control cars don’t necessarily have to be fast to be fun. What they do need is a combination of automotive personality, a comfortable, quality interior and the ability to keep a driver happy and connected.

Whether three or five-door the car is every bit a four-seater unless the occupants are especially massive. The boot is adequate at 211L (model dependent) but the rear seats fold to maximise up to 731L of space should the need arise.

On The Inside

The interior is a delight in typically Mini fashion. It is absolutely great that the manufacturers remembered that the big circular display is an integral part of Mini legend. As standard now you get a giant 8.8-inch circular display centre console with a big navigation screen. Surrounding it is a multi-coloured LED light to display acceleration, speed and efficiency depending on which driving mode you have selected: Sport, Mid and Green. Additionally there are driver-focused dials. Switches abound and the steering wheel controls are especially neat and well laid out. Different markets of the world have different specifications but most regions will get many of the extras mentioned here.

The Mini Cooper is a very well connected car with all the usual, and these days pretty much essential, technology. Some models also feature the iDrive-style rotational control similar to the BMW system - simply spin and select modes and the like. The Mini is still a winner and MHH has a wide selection to choose from. Search our database for details.

Mini Cooper D Front Cabin

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