The Wagon R Has been with us since 1993 and in that time, in various versions, it has sold in millions around the world. Following the car’s success in its homeland where it was launched as a kei car’ (a city car), Suzuki saw the potential globally and developed the Wagon R+ which was launched in Europe in 1997.

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Over the years the Wagon R has become curvier but retains the practicality that's won the world’s approval. The point of the Suzuki wagon R was that it has a reasonable level of equipment, was easy to drive and very practical. Powered by a 660cc petrol engine owners can expect to achieve up to 47 miles to the gallon. The very latest version from 2017 onward has the added bonus of hybrid power.

Some worldwide regions saw a variety of models some with new front end styling and more powerful engines, although the original power unit is by far the most popular, tried and tested over the years. The compact exterior dimensions of the Wagon R make it the perfect choice for urban use with crowded roads and hard to find parking spaces. With steering that only needs two turns, lock to lock, it is the ideal vehicle for small spaces.

Ease Of Use

The Suzuki Wagon R offers large wide-opening doors and high seating hip points thus providing easy access into and out of the vehicle, The shape, coupled with big windows give both driver and passengers alike exceptional all round visibility.

The Wagon R claims to be a five seater, but that very much depends on the size of the occupants as the cabin is fairly narrow. Depending upon where the car is purchased, most have a hinged and removable rear parcel shelf which encloses a generous luggage compartment accessed through the tailgate. As mentioned, this is a practical car for its size and the interior has more stowage spaces, ideal for small items.

Although this was always meant to be a budget car, Suzuki still manage to give the interior a feeling of quality although inevitably hard-wearing plastic is still the dominant theme. The point is, with its boxy looks means owners get the maximum amount out of very limited This is the Wagon R’s major strong point. To quote the company the vehicle "combines the compact dimensions of a weekday runabout with the versatility of an estate car for weekend trips away or shopping expeditions."

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One For The Town or City

Don't take that to mean that this is a ‘go anywhere’ vehicle, it isn’t really. Unless one of the higher specification versions can be found with the bigger engine, drivers will find it lacks the performance for higher speeds on major roads. It will do the job but will struggle to keep up with fast, modern traffic. That isn’t what it is for.

Urban dwellers though will appreciate the roominess and flexibility. Headroom is enormous thanks to the upright styling.  With the Wagon R, Suzuki have delivered the ideal vehicle for people looking for a practical and functional budget-priced car that is friendly to the environment. Buyers looking for an easy-to-park, roomy and slightly offbeat alternative to the more mainstream city car options should certainly check it out on the MHH Japanese Cars listings.

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