Now in its seventh generation, the sharply-styled Lexus ES is in fact the bestselling saloon globally for the prestige arm of the enormous Japanese brand Toyota. For 2021 the latest model has been released but it is still possible, even desirable, to consider the current model available for import from stock from MHH Japanese Cars. Get in touch to find out more.

Lexus ES OS Front

About The New ES

The ES is a key vehicle in the Lexus line-up, a model that first appeared with the launch of the first-generation, the then LS flagship saloon, way back in 1989. This prestigious car has been well received by many customers around the world for its high level of quietness, quality ride comfort and spacious cabin. Coupling this with a newly designed front grille and headlamps, together with the use of a newly developed interior colour, has resulted in an overall design that is more refined for 2021.

The latest version builds on that with further enhancements to superior quietness and ride comfort with passengers cosseted in leather on the sumptuous seats. It’s a fine drive too, as can be experienced with the car's seamless connection between acceleration, deceleration, and steering because of an increase in the rigidity of the rear suspension for superior steering stability in situations such as high-speed lane changes. Further, the F Sport version of the new ES offers the very latest in adaptive variable suspension.

Lexus ES Interior
Lexus ES Infotainment

The Technology

The multimedia system features a touch display. Based on Lexus's driver-focused approach, the optimum distance and angle between the driver for an ideally placed glass 12.3” touch display has been perfected thanks to the display moving closer to the driver by more than 100 mm compared to previous layouts. It’s also tilted approximately five degrees, putting even the outlying corners of the screen within easy reach of the driver.

There’s the usual complement of high end safety technology on offer including a ‘Pre-Collision System’, designed to detect daytime cyclists and pedestrians in low-light conditions and, at intersections, to detect oncoming vehicles and pedestrians crossing the street.

Also featured are functions such as Emergency Steering Assist, which, obviously, assists steering within the vehicle's lane as set by the driver, and Low Speed Acceleration Control, which supports the prevention of collisions caused by pedal misapplication at times of reduced speed. The lane-recognition functions of Lane Tracing Assist, which is an advanced driving support function that supports steering to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane, have been improved through the application of AI technologies. What all that effectively says is that the infotainment and safety tech on board this prestige car is second to none.

Lexus ES Headlight
Lexus ES Rear

The Drive

What you get for your money is a beautifully styled, elegant car featuring a luxurious, comfortable, very well-appointed cabin and a pleasant, laid-back driving experience. The Lexus ES is all about being accomplished at long-distance cruising from either the petrol or the economical hybrid variants. Every inch a match for the European opposition, this is how to drive in style.

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