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Buying a car from Japan is much easier when you can see the condition reports provided for the car. All new and used Japanese cars are sold with an overall condition grade and a condition report but these aren’t always readily available to you online. The grades provide vital information about the interior and exterior of a car and so we would strongly recommend that you request this information before seriously considering buying a car. This short article helps you to understand what you are reading about a car so you can make a fully informed decision about a car before spending any money on it.

Overall Grading

Japanese Condition Reports

Every new and used Japanese car is given an overall condition grade which clearly benchmarks how immaculate it really is. This is provided in the top right of the Japanese auction sheets. The number at the top is the exterior grade and the letter B refers to the interior grade. The Japanese condition grades can be easily interpreted with the following table:

Japanese Car Damage Condition Reports

The overall grade will give you a clear sense of the overall condition of the car. But the comments are quite general and open to misinterpretation. To fully understand what the report is trying to share, you need to see the full condition report (below). This allows the seller to share details of each panel of the car and the tyre quality. When you combine this information with the assessors notes then you will have a clear understanding of the quality of car you are viewing.

Japanese Car exterior condition report example 1
Japanese Car exterior condition report example 2

This detailed condition report has a second set of descriptions which allow you to understand what the assessor has observed. The key is as follows:

Japanese Condition Reports

Naturally, some of these categories will require you to contact the supplier to find out more about the scale or severity of an issue. That is perfectly normal and if you find your supplier is reluctant to share this information, then be sceptical and find an alternative car.

At MHH International all our new and used Japanese cars are advertised with the condition reports and auction sheets so you are easily able to see the key information about the inside and outside of the car before you buy it. For more information about buying a UK or Japanese car import, contact the team and we will be delighted to help you.

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