The Honda Fit is a very popular Japanese car and for good reason as it makes for a fine choice for a used car buy.

Honda Fit For All That Jazz

The legendary musician, Louis Armstrong, is reputed to have once said, “Man, if you have to ask what it [jazz] is, you'll never know.” In the here and now it is fairly sure that everyone in the world knows what it is by now; it’s a super mini built by the Japanese car giant Honda.

In many parts of the world, including Japan, it is known as the Fit; the name Jazz is used in Europe. Whichever name it is known by in your part of the world, this hugely popular car has been around since 2001. Next year, in 2019, the Fit will into its fifth generation.

The first four generations of the Fit are all good cars in their own right, the changes over the years being incremental. The Fit holds up as a quality hatchback car. It is, and always has been, a car for people who need a good reliable small car that is versatile yet won’t frighten the owner at the fuel pumps. It is very popular and for good reason as it makes for a fine choice for a used car buy.

The Fit is roomy for a super mini, seating five at a pinch with a decent sized boot. It is manoeuvrable and practical but perhaps lacks that extra something that appeals to driving enthusiasts. Most of the customers for this car probably couldn’t care less about that as the huge sales demonstrate. It is a car for folk who need quality transport but are not especially bothered about motoring thrills.

The version in our images is a second-generation range-topping 1.4L I-VTEC EXL with a manual gearbox. For those who prefer an automatic gearbox, a CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) is available. Throughout, the Fit is offered with petrol and hybrid engines but no diesel.

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The dashboard is clearly laid out with useful storage space, easy to use buttons and steering wheel controls. The featured car has a panoramic glass roof. There’s Bluetooth, a CD player and full connectivity for devices although satellite navigation is not found on all model years. The seats are comfortable and on higher specification vehicles full leather is available. Taller drivers may find the seat squabs a little short beneath the thighs. Adjustment is good though and quality pervades throughout the cabin with little evidence of cost-cutting.

The Honda Fit (Jazz) has proved to be a reliable super mini, with owner reviews that praise their cars for fuss-free running. Practicality has always been the key selling point of the Honda, and this is what clearly stands out as the car can be commended as a load carrier especially with the useful rear-seat folding mechanism which has some clever tricks up its sleeve. The rears not only fold flat at the pull of a lever, but the squabs can also be locked vertically, turning the rear seats into a tall extra luggage compartment. Very useful.

Newer versions have more up-to-date and more efficient engines, including a lively 1.5L in ‘sports’ models but there are plenty of variants here on MHH Japanese Cars to suit all budgets.

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